Course Descriptions

STEM • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Listed alphabetically.   + Prerequisite required.

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) (Semester) +

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Principles of Engineering (POE) / Engineering Science (Semester) +

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AC/DC Electronics (Semester) +

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Aerospace Engineering (Semester) +

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) (Semester) +

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Computer Science I (Semester)

Computer Science II (Semester)

Edu-Drone I (Semester)

  • Edu-Drone 1 (PDF)
  • Grade Level 11-12
  • Syllabus
  • Prerequisite: Algebra I AND must be 16 years old with Drivers License before the end of semester.

Engineering Design & Development (Semester) +

Principles of Applied Engineering (Year) (Home Campus Only)

Robotics 1 (Semester)

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Solid State Electronics (Semester) +

Courses Offered after School & During Summer

Tarrant County College (TCC):

  • ENGR 1201:  Introduction to Engineering

  • ENGR 1304:  Engineering Graphics

University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) – Students must meet UTA math requirements to take these courses.

  • BE 1104:  Introduction to Engineering (Bioengineering)

  • CE 1104:  Introduction to Engineering (Civil)

  • CSE 1104:  Introduction to Engineering (Computer Science)

  • EE 1104:  Introduction to Engineering (Electrical)

  • IE 1104:  Introduction to Engineering (Industrial & Manufacturing)

  • MAE 1104:  Introduction to Engineering (Mechanical & Aerospace)