Hospitality & Tourism

Endorsement: Business and Industry

This pathway is for students who plan to enroll in post secondary culinary schools, college, and/or work in the restaurant and food industry.  Students have the opportunity to operate a student-run restaurant, as well as participate in internships at a local restaurant.


Students who complete the culinary arts program of study at Ben Barber Innovation Academy and graduate will have the opportunity to earn the Certified Fundamental Cook (CFC) certification from the American Culinary Federation. These graduates are exceptionally prepared for careers in the field of culinary arts. Our most recent graduates have experienced great success in the industry due to the training the have received at Ben Barber Innovation Academy.

Graduation Rates: 100% 

Culinary Arts Graduates with ACF Certification: 46% (Class of 2022)

Graduates with a CFC certification enrolled in post-secondary institution of higher learning: 11 students (Class of 2020-2022)

Graduates with CFC certification working in the Hospitality Industry: 10 students (Class of 2020-2022)