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Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

In an effort to be better stewards of our environment and to save on printing expenses, we make the course syllabi (PDF) available in an online format. Available Scope and Sequence (Google Document format) are after teacher/course list. 

The following class expectations are organized by teacher name. Please select the desired teacher below. Click on the teacher name to contact by email.

Brandon Buckner

  • Graphic Design I
  • Graphic Design II
  • Practicum in Graphic Design

Sergio Almendariz

  • Audio/Video Production I
  • Principles of Arts, A\V Technology & Communications
  • Principles of Digital Editing

Shannon Oden

  • Commercial Photography I
  • Commercial Photography II
  • Principles of Digital Editing
  • Practicum of Commercial Photography

Ryan Tuomey

  • Principles of Arts, A\V Technology & Communications (WebsiteCalendar)
  • Audio/Video Production I
  • Audio/Video Production II
  • Practicum in A\V Production
  • TV Studio Production

Nathan K Wood

  • Digital Audio Technology I
  • Digital Audio Technology II
  • Principles of Arts, A\V Technology & Communications
  • Practicum in Digital Audio Technology
  • Sports Broadcasting

Daniel Mele

  • Animation I
  • Animation II
  • Practicum in Animation
  • Principles of Digital Editing

Kashieka Popkin

  • Video Game Design I
  • Video Game Design II
  • Video Game Design III

Scope and Sequence