Course Descriptions

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Listed alphabetically.   + Prerequisite required.

Advanced Animal Science (Semester) +

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Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technology (Semester) +

Agricultural Structures Design & Fabrication (Semester) +

Equine Science (Semester)

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Floral Design (Semester)

Forestry and Woodland Ecosystems (Semester)

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Horticulture Sciences (Semester) +

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Livestock Production (Semester)

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Practicum in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (Year) +

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Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Semester)

Small Animal Management (Semester) +

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Veterinary Medical Applications (Semester) +

Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management (Semester) +

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Notes on agriculture science and technology courses:

The State Board of Education course requirements included a Supervised Agriculture Experience project for all courses.  The Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE) must relate directly to the course in which the student is enrolled or has completed.  The program will continue to be as flexible as possible in regards to SAE projects.

Students enrolled in any and all Agricultural Science courses are provided the opportunity for membership in the FFA, the nation's largest youth leadership organization.  Students are expected to meet membership requirements.  Financial assistance is available to students who possess such need.  FFA is an integral part of the curriculum of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.