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Doug Adams

Latin II, PreAP Latin II, III, and IV

Andrew Almanza

Principles of Manufacturing, CTED, Architectural Design I, Architectural Design II, Principles of Architecture, Practicum in Architecture

Sergio Almendariz

Principles of Digital Editing, Principles of Arts, A/V & Communications

Lisa Amoriello

Culinary Arts, Advanced Culinary Arts

Douglas Arnold

Sped VAC Coordinator

Larry Bailey

Clinical Nursing Assisting

Jacquelyn Baker-Roberson

Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry

Jackie Bishop

Automotive Technology, Advanced Automotive Technology, Practicum in Transportation

Allan Brehmer

Health Science Teacher

Brandon Buckner

Principles of Arts, AV, & Communications, Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, Practicum in Graphic Design

Tricia Bussey

Clinical Skills

Kristie Cawthon

Transitioning to Independence Center

Lei-Jane Chou

Chinese I & II, Pre-AP Chinese II, Pre AP Chinese III, AP Chinese IV, Virtual/OCR

Cedric Clark

Criminal Justice

Pamela Conway

Clinical Nursing Assisting, Principles of Health Sciences

Casey Crow

Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Advertising and Sales, Project Manager

Tracy Daniel

Health Science

Aubrea Davis

Agricultural Teacher

Alexandria Dent


Pamela DeWeerd

Health Science

Melissa Eldridge

Criminal Justice

Annette Gonzales

Physics, AP Physics

Jennifer Goodson

Medical Terms and CPR, EMT

Jimmie Green

Computer Maintenance and Telecom, Electronics, Robotics, Engineering

Rolando Guerrero

Automotive Technology; Energy, Power & Transportations Systems; Principles of Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Ebony Harris


Isabel Hedger


Candice Hoenig

German I, II, Pre-AP German II, Pre-AP German III, AP German IV

Sheila Holbrooks

Health Science Teacher

Noriko Jackson

Japanese I, Japanese II/Pre-AP Japanese II, Pre-AP Japanese III, AP Japanese IV

Patricia Johnson

Pathophysiology, Clinical Skills, Medical Billing & Coding

Ron Johnson

Principles of Information Technology (BBIA), Digital Media (BBIA), Principles of Applied Engineering (MHS), Photojournalism 1, 2 & 3 (MHS)

Allison Keetch

Health Science Teacher

Robert King

Print Shop Clerk

Doug Klaudt

Equine Science, Small Animal, Principles of AG

Nancy Kojder

Entrepreneurship, Business Law, Banking and Financial Services, Security and Investment, Money Matters

Rachelle Laux

American Sign Language (ASL)

Christina Lopez

Spanish I, Spanish II

Deon Martinez

IT Teacher

Sarah McDougald

Agricultural Teacher

Stephanie McKnight

American Sign Language (ASL) I, II, III, and IV, TCC ASL I and II

Daniel Mele

Animation Teacher

Denise Nettles

Health Science Teacher

Shannon Oden

Photography Teacher

Crista Parr

Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Microbiology

Kashieka Popkin-Duncan

Video Game I, II, III, Computer Programming

Melissa Rendon

Spanish II / Pre-AP Spanish II, Pre-AP Spanish III, AP Spanish IV/V

David Roberson

Culinary Arts

Gene Schramme

Building & Constructions Trades

Tim Sherwood

Principles of Manufacturing, Precision Metal Manufacturing