Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year at Ben Barber Innovation Academy 

Dear Parents, 

 Welcome!  You are receiving this email because your student is scheduled for a Ben Barber Innovation Academy course for this semester. 

  It is with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself, Michelle Woodall, as the principal of this campus.  My passion for education and supporting the success of all students and teachers has been shaped over the past 20 years as a career tech teacher, career tech curriculum specialist, academic principal, and principal.  I have also served in the role as parent, with two children who attended K through 12th grade in Mansfield ISD schools. 

  This campus is a project-based learning environment that will encourage your student to take ownership of their education while developing their critical thinking, creativity, ability to collaborate and communication skills.  We work extremely hard as a campus to provide students an opportunity to experience real world applications on the latest software & equipment.  We also offer over 70 industry-based certifications.  For the 2022-2023 school year, if a student has an 80 or above grade in the certification course and passes the practice certification test administered by our teacher, Mansfield ISD will pay for the entire certification test. 

Important things to know: 

  • Our first session starts at 7am, even though their schedule states 7:25am. 

  • Traffic in the morning is very hectic.  We have a VERY LARGE number of students that are dropped off in the morning, so please plan for delays.  Doors open at 6:30am. 

  • To assist you with how to drop off in the morning, click here for OVERVIEW MAP and here for a detailed DROP OFF MAP.  The key to LINES moving FAST is for parents to pull ALL THE WAY up to the last empty spot BEFORE dropping off students.  Students may have to walk a short distance to enter the door.  See map links above. 

  • Dress code will be enforced on the first day of classes. IDs will be enforced beginning August 22nd or once the home campuses have finished issuing them, and tardies will be enforced beginning August 29th.   

  • We do not accept food deliveries for any students. 

  • All students that remain on campus after 2:30pm must be with a teacher or in the vestibule at the front of the building. 

Campus security is a number one priority for all of us.  We have worked diligently to review all our procedures to make sure we have done everything we can do to keep us all safe.  We strongly encourage you to have conversations with your child to discuss following campus procedures, taking drills seriously and letting administration or teachers know of any concerns about our campus and the students that attend.  We take all threats very seriously. 

An excellent education is not possible without a collaboration between students, parents, teachers, counselors, administration and support staff.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions, concerns or any ideas you would like to present. 


Michelle Woodall

Principal, Ben Barber Innovation Academy and Frontier STEM Academy