Welcome Back to In-Person Learning Letter to Parents & Students

Parents and Students of Ben Barber,

We are so excited to have some of our students returning to our campus on September 8th!  We have been working hard on developing and implementing protocols to keep our students & staff safe. 

We have created a POWERPOINT to review our procedures/protocols.  Please take the time to review with your children so they will know what to do when they arrive on campus.

We wanted to cover a few highlights to get your family prepared for the first day.


o   Students can drive or be dropped off.  Here is a MAP of Ben Barber for locations to dropoff/park.

o   Students need parking pass to park on campus.  Click HERE for more information about student parking passes.  Parking passes can be purchased at the police office at 1522 N. Walnut Creek Drive, Mansfield, TX 76063.  Students will be given a few days to get their parking passes.

o   For in-person students, MISD TRANSPORTATION is provided. BUS ROUTE INFORMATION

o   For virtual students coming for first session, buses will be provided from their homes to Ben Barber.  Students can take bus shuttles back to their home campus at the end of first session.  There will be no shuttle to take them home.

o   For virtual students coming to second session, there will be shuttles leaving their home campus at 11am to bring students to Ben Barber and bus shuttles will take students back to their home campus and home at the end of the session. 

o   Students in an ALL virtual class cannot attend on campus.


o   All students at Ben Barber must have a student ID and wearing it around their neck at all times while on campus.  Students can purchase and print IDs on their home campus or Ben Barber.  Students will be given 2 weeks from September 8th to get their IDS made.

o   All students at Ben Barber must be wearing a mask BEFORE entering the building and must keep their mask on at all times.  Students refusing to wear a mask can be sent home for the day. 


o   Our campus protocols are covered in this POWERPOINT.

o   Click HERE for our district’s Extended Safety Measures video


o   Our students that have selected virtual learning will continue to receive instruction through TEAMS and CANVAS with direct interaction with their teachers.

o   Students that have selected in person, virtual students choosing to come to Ben Barber in person classes and virtual students in Performance Based Courses will attend courses in person with their teacher with the support of CANVAS.  There will be no TEAMS meetings. IN PERSON OVERVIEW

o   For any student who is absent from an in person course, the student can receive instructions, powerpoints, assignments, etc. through their CANVAS course.  There will be no direct instruction from the teacher.  Help will be available through email with the teacher. Your student will be expected to complete the assigned activities and assignments each day and will be marked present if the day's activities and assignments are turned in prior to 11:59 p.m. on that day.


o   First session: 7:00am – 10:00am

o   Second session: 11:30am – 2:30pm


o   Students need to bring their laptops EVERY DAY. 

o   Parents will have to come into the office to check out a student.  Parents will need identification and a mask to enter the building.  NO OTHER visitors will be allowed on campus.

o   No food deliveries will be allowed and students are not allowed to bring outside food or drink into the building.  Water bottles will be allowed.

o   Students must adhere to district dresscode.

o   For Contact Tracing:

§  Students must scan QR codes for any location they sit or stand in the Commons/Cafeteria and hallways

§  Seating charts are required for each classroom

We know this is a lot of information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at catherinehudgins@misdmail.org.


Catherine Hudgins


Ben Barber Innovation Academy

Frontier High School

Frontier STEM Academy