Welcome Back Letter from Principal Hudgins

Dear Parents and Students of Ben Barber Innovation Academy,

It is with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself, Catherine Hudgins, as the Principal of Ben Barber Innovation Academy, Frontier High School and Frontier STEM Academy. My passion for education and supporting the success of all students and teachers has been shaped over the past 23 years as a career tech teacher, assistant principal, academic principal and principal, all in Mansfield ISD.  

We have an amazing administrative/counselor team that is eager to serve your student!  Our teachers and staff are eager to meet you and begin the learning process. 

Our number one goal is to get all of our students off to a great start this challenging year.  Below is important information that you will need as we start our school year as virtual/remote learners:

  • School starts for all students on Wednesday, August 12th.

  • All Ben Barber students, both virtual and remote/in person, will begin class on Wednesday, August 12th in TEAMS.  If you need help on how to access TEAMS, go to the following links:, How to Join TEAMS on Computer, How to Join TEAMS on a Mobile Device and TEAMS Student Guide.  The TEAMS join codes for ALL Ben Barber courses are found HERE, under News & Announcements.

  • All Ben Barber courses will follow our normal bell schedule.  If you are scheduled into a morning session, your class is from 7:00am to 10:00am.  If you are scheduled into an afternoon session, your class is from 11:30am-2:30pm.  You must be logged into TEAMS at the beginning of your scheduled class period to begin instruction.

  • All Ben Barber teachers are using Canvas to deliver their curriculum to the students.  If you need help accessing Canvas and the other software required, please click on the following link: Passport to Online Learning Course - FOR PARENTS

  • Students will work through the Passport to Online Learning Course - FOR STUDENTS through their home campus English Teacher

  • Attendance will be taken daily during the scheduled class time.  Students must be logged in, cameras on and actively participating in order to be counted present.

  • Students will have time during each class period where the class meets as a whole group through TEAMS. In addition, there will be times during each class period that students will be working independently or in small groups completing the curriculum in Canvas.

  • Links students might need the first day: TEAMS  CANVAS  CLASSLINK

  • Having trouble with student passwords?  The student passwords were reset over the summer.  Your new password is 10 digits.  The first 3 digits are your birth month (ex. April=Apr). The first digit is always capitalized.  The next two digits are your birth date (ex. 02).  The last four digits are your birth year (ex. 2005). An example of a password for the examples given above would be Apr022005.  If you need additional help with passwords or technology, please call 817-299-2799.

  • If you have any questions for your teachers, their emails can be found HERE.

Students/Families that have selected in person instruction will begin coming on campus on September 8th (this date is subject to change). Students/Families that have selected virtual instruction will remain virtual for some of our courses OR will be required to come in person for our performance based courses.  The teacher will be notifying the virtual students that are required to come in person once our district allows students on campus (Currently scheduled for September 8th).  The requirement to come in person is because the instruction of these courses requires hands-on activities that cannot be done at home, have specialized equipment and/or have certification requirements that must be completed with the teacher.  

Student and staff safety is the utmost priority.  We will be following all district COVID-19 procedures.  We will have plans in place for loading/unloading buses, lunches, passing periods, nurse visits, drills, IDs, checking in/out of campus, etc and will send these plans in a separate email as we get closer to students returning to campus. 

An excellent education is not possible without the great collaboration of students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators and staff.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have questions, concerns or ideas that you would like to discuss.


Catherine Hudgins
Ben Barber Innovation Academy
Frontier High School/Frontier STEM Academy