TAFE Students Advance to Nationals!


The Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) student organization from Mansfield ISD competed at the state level March 1-4, 2023 in Round Rock, Texas. We would like to congratulate Mrs. Christine Taylor, Mrs. Jordan Hennington, and all of the participants for their hard work and dedication to the field of education. Kendra Brazos (SHS), Rylee Anderson (MHS), Jazmin Ruiz (FSA), Amir Ghani (FSA), Rory Sugito (LRHS), Samantha McCain (FSA), Noel Kulas (MHS), and Presley Rogers (MHS) all qualified to compete in the Educators Rising National Competition in Orlando, Florida in June. 


Jennifer Norris/Alex Cardenas (both SHS) - Gold Project Visualize Teaching

Kendra Brazos (SHS)/Samantha McCain (FSA) Top 5 Professional Development

Kendra Brazos (SHS)/Rylee Anderson (MHS)- Top 10 National Qualifiers Research Learning Challenges

Rylee Anderson (MHS)/ Jazmin Ruiz (FSA)- Top 10 National Qualifier Educator's Rising Moment

Amir Ghani (FSA) - Top 10 National qualifier Impromptu Speaking

Rory Sugito (LRHS) - Top 10 National qualifier Support Services Job Shadowing

Samantha McCain (FSA) - National qualifier Teacher Created materials

Samantha McCain (FSA) - Impromptu speaking

Presley Rogers (MHS) - Top 10 National Qualifier Children's literature K-3

Presley Rogers (MHS)/Rory Sugito (LRHS) - Gold certificate portfolio

Lillian Frank (LHS) - Top 5 impromptu lesson

Noel Kulas (MHS) - National qualifier Interactive Bulletin Board