MISD PSAT/SAT Testing Day-October 14

October 14 is the annual SAT/PSAT testing day for Mansfield ISD. The traditional bell schedule will be altered to accommodate the testing window. The schedule for the day for all 9-12 graders can be found here.


Please Review the Calculator Policy for the day of testing:

1st priority will go to 11th grade PSAT testers.  They will be testing in our math hallway so that our most up to date calculators are accessible to each 11th grade tester.  We feel that the NMSQT is so important for student and school, and will most likely be their one chance at being a national merit scholar.  Because of this, we want these students to have the equipment that they are most comfortable using on a daily basis for this test.  They of course can bring their own calculators from home as well. 

2nd priority will go to 12th grade SAT testers.  Since our classrooms were updated with new rechargeable graphing calculators in the past year or two, SHS has several class sets of battery operated TI-84 backups that will be distributed to the senior testing rooms.  We should have enough backup calculators to provide for our senior SAT testers.  They of course can bring their own calculators from home as well.

3rd priority will go to 10th graders.  If the majority of juniors and seniors show up for testing, then we will not have calculators for 10th graders.  Our plan is to communicate with the 10th grade students and parents that they will need to bring their own calculator for the PSAT test that day.

We will evaluate the number of testers on October 14th, and if possible will try to shift calculators to 10th graders that were unable to bring one.

For sanitation purposes we are going to suggest that anyone who can bring a calculator from home should do so.  All school calculators will be disinfected before and after testing.