Mansfield FFA Students Make History!


Fourteen teams competed in the District 7 LDE Contest. 12 TEAMS HAVE ADVANCED TO AREA- the most teams to advance in our recorded history! 🎉🎉🎉 We are so proud of all of our teams and how diligently they have studied, memorized, and worked. It is so rewarding to see their hard work pay off! Please join us in congratulating the following:

Agriculture Advocacy: 1st place

Team members: Kayla Bier, Natalie Harris, London Laurence, Victoria Parsons

Coach: Mr. Willson


Greenhand Chapter Conducting: 1st place

Team members: Presley Holland, Avery Mathews, Bristin Ladwig, Ryan Matkovich, Lauren Suttie, Madison Rubio, Matthew Mora

Coach: Mrs. Roberts

Greenhand Quiz: 1st Place

Team Members: Oscar Preas, Alyssa Randall, Lauren Suttie, Abigayle Taylor

Coach: Ms. James


Greenhand Skills: 1st place

Team members: Ava Billingsley, Christopher Harmon, Emerson Minor

Coach: Mr. Saenz


Greenhand Spanish Creed: 1st place

Contestant: Madison Rubio


Public Relations: 1st place

Team Members: Samantha Malone, Carleigh O’Polka, Sophia Patterson, Hailey Plumlee

Coach: Mrs. Roberts


Senior Creed: 1st Place

Contestant: Audrey Adkison

Coach: Mr. Willson


Senior Skills: 1st Place

Team Members: Jayden Grissett, Peyton Kastl, Peyton Shelton

Coach: Mrs. Brown


Ag issues: 2nd place

Team Members: Brenna Figueroa, Tessa Huddleston, Avery Knox, Israel Laureles, Eliana Urbina

Coach: Ms. Calvert


Greenhand Creed: 2nd place

Contestant: Avery Matthews  

Coach: Mr. Willson


Radio Broadcasting: 2nd place

Team Members: Brenna Figueroa, Peyton Shelton, Laila Wilson

Coach: Mr. Willson


Senior Chapter Conducting: 2nd place

Team Members: Sophia Patterson, Rilee Mathews, Hailey Plumlee, Sam Malone, Carleigh O’Polka, Audrey Adkison, Matthew Mora

Coach: Mrs. Roberts


Senior Quiz: 3rd place

Team Members: Tessa Huddleston, Trystan Lenoir, Rilee Mathews, Sadie Novak

Coach: Mrs. Brown


Job Interview: 4th place

Contestant: Allyson Oliver

Coach: Ms. Calvert