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ESE to become Innovative Learning Academy

In August of 2019 Elizabeth Smith Elementary will become the Innovative Learning Academy at Elizabeth Smith. This re-branding allows our campus name to better reflect the teaching and learning philosophy of our school.

At the Innovative Learning Academy or (ILA) we infuse our Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills(TEKS) based curriculum with teaching and learning focused on the 6 C’s. The 6 C’s of learning are the characteristics identified by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills as being the key components for students’ future success in the workplace. These skills are:
•    Collaboration
•    Critical Thinking
•    Communication
•    Creativity
•    Citizenship
•    Character

Students at ILA have collaboration opportunities built in to their daily learning and lesson planning focuses on reaching the higher cognitive or critical thinking levels at all grades PreK through 4th grade. Critical thinking in the early grades includes much discussion and pre-planned questions that spark students’ problem solving abilities and encourages them to justify their thinking. Older students have similar lessons that also embed product based evidence of their critical thinking abilities. Collaboration skills are explicitly taught so that students understand at an early age how to work with a partner, how to disagree politely, how to share responsibilities and how to empower one another through learning.

ILA also offers every student in grades K-4 a character class with a specific focus on the pillars of good character; respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship, trustworthiness and fairness. In addition to this character class every student in grades K-4 participate in Innovation Week where we take 5 days out of regular curriculum instruction to expand our learning and explore a variety of topics that culminate in a community give back experience.

We believe that the instructional focus of the ILA will ensure our students are empowered to be global learners who make a positive impact on the world around them.
Thank you for partnering with us on our journey.


Lea Boiles
Principal, Innovative Learning Academy