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ESE Science Fair Winners Announced

The winners from the 2019 ESE Science Fair are listed below:

4th Grade Winners
1st place: Conner Coon
2nd place: Zachary Blackburn
3rd place: Isaac Chappell
3rd Grade Winners
1st place: Kate Husk
2nd place: Randy Pistokache
3rd place: Robert Gonzalez
2nd Grade Winners
1st place: Carissa Foreman, Zachary Deichert, Dylan Moore
2nd place: Jillian Javier
3rd place: Kason Kennedy, Isaiah Clark
1st Grade Winners
1st place: Meghan Lambert
2nd place: Ashley Ford
3rd place: Maggie Topp
Kindergarten Winners
1st place: Daniel Barraclough
2nd place: Emma Chappell
3rd place: Zachary Fuentes

We are so proud of our all of our participants. Continue exploring what makes your curious.