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Welcome to Ben Barber Innovation Academy

  • Ben Barber (named after Mr. Ben Barber, longtime MISD educator) Career and Tech Academy opened in 2010. BBCTA's name was changed in September 2016 to Ben Barber Innovation Academy.
  • Our colors are blue and purple.
  • Our motto is educate, innovate, inspire.
  • Our mission is empowering students to be global leaders.
  • Our vision is to be an innovative platform that empowers students to achieve success through the use of emerging technologies and 21st Century skills.

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Texas Education Association Division of Career and Technical Education

Mansfield Independent School District offers career and technical education programs. Admission to these programs is based on interest, aptitude, age appropriateness and class space availability. 

Career and Technical Education Non-Discrimination Disclosure

Student Parking and Parent Dropoff (Map)

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